The most expensive hotel at Indonesia is Kuta. Kuta is one of the main cities in Jakarta. It is famous for its nightlife, shopping, etc.

Kuta has its own airport and buses to the city center. During the night it is the most lively place in Jakarta with night clubs, restaurants, bars, etc.

About 500 meters from the hotel is the Yalanda University where you can visit and see Yale Heart. Yale Heart is an institution that helps children learn to read.

The night clubs are considered to be the place to be during the week. You can check out to the best clubs in Jakarta during the weekend. It is a great place to drink and relax with your friends.

In the place, the most expensive hotel at Indonesia is situated. This is located at Jl. Guedang Bus terminal.

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Hotels at Jakarta are the best places to stay during your trip to Indonesia. In this place you can also find many luxury hotels like in Hua Hin, Palaces Hotel, Marriott Resort in Jakarta, Ritz Hotel and Ritz Carlton Hotel, etc. However the hotel you choose must not be too expensive.

The hotels at Jakarta are very much different than any other places in Indonesia. Some of them provide excellent services to their guests, while some others are so expensive and luxurious that you have to sacrifice a little bit on your budget.

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These hotels provide excellent service to the travelers who are on budget travel. When you look at the budget hotels at Jakarta, you will find that most of them are expensive compared to any other place. It is because these hotels are located at many places of Jakarta.

If you want to save money, you can save more by choosing the budget hotels. Most of the budget hotels in Jakarta are located close to shopping malls, restaurants, public transportation hubs and shopping areas. This gives them some advantage of having very good parking facilities as well.

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The cheap hotels in Jakarta are also located in quite distance from some of the best hotels. But you will find the cheapest hotel at Jakarta in the bigger big hotels like Jl. Jakarta Kecil hotel, Qoabok Hotel, Banyan Tree, Denden Hotel and so on.

There are several cheap hotels in Jakarta. All you need to do is go to the main travel agency in Jakarta or on the internet and look for a deal. You can make sure that you are in the best budget accommodation possible by looking for the best hotels at Jakarta.

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